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Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration

FBA Stores is constantly on the lookout for experienced vendors looking to sell their products directly to our students for resale in their own online storefronts. This unique selling proposition gives vendors like you instant access to a diversified client base ready to make deals happen.

Simply register now to become a part of the trusted FBA Stores vendor network. Tap into a new sales funnel with great upside potential as a trusted vendor with FBA Stores.

DISCLAIMER: Product offered on is not owned nor sold by FBA Stores or any subsidiary company. users acknowledge the product offered is a direct purchase and sale agreement between the User and Vendor. FBA Stores and is not responsible for the terms and conditions of sale.

Vendors offering product on service clients that sell on multiple eCommerce platforms. does not take responsibility for any item purchased that is restricted to sell on Amazon’s Selling platform or restricted to ship to FBA. When a purchase and sale is made the Buyer accepts full responsibility for the details of the order and agrees to preform all necessary due diligence prior to purchasing. If product is purchased with the intent to resell on platform, it is the responsibility of the Buyer to verify any and all restrictions that include but is not limited to: gated categories, brand restrictions, intellectual property, etc. will not cancel or refund an order for this reason after receipt of payment, no exceptions.